5773, Chabot street, Montreal



Seminars Schedule

FALL 2021

Here is the seminars schedule for fall 2021 at the Montreal Gongfu Research Center. Please note that the schedule might be subject to change from time to time and seminars might be added through out the season. Make sure to subscribe to our Newsletter to stay informed and follow our Facebook page (clic here).

Given the circumstances, we might have to change or adjust some dates in order to comply with governmental recommandations. All the safety measures will be put in place as recommended. 

Unless mentioned otherwise, our seminars are given at our Center, located at 5773 Chabot Street, in Rosemont Petite Patrie. To see the map and the instruction on how to get there, clic here.

Clic on the name of each seminar to get all the details. If you have any additionna question, contact us at seminaires@montrealgongfu.com.



September 2021

22 to October 1st : Guantong Xingquan retreat 觀通形意拳
Lodging cost : $25 per night per person
Red enveloppes



2 and 3 :  Tuina Foundation (1st part)

23 and 24 : Tuina Foundation (2nd part)



6 and 7 : Introduction to Neijing chanel theory

20 and 21 : Tuina Foundation (3rd part)

27 and 28 : Tuina – Level 2