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Foundational Tuina Training

A strong foundation leads to higher skills

Our Tuina Foundations seminar is designed to give the student a thorough introduction to the practice of Tuina and to address the students needs as completely as possible.

Traditionally, Tuina was taught in the clinic. A student would follow his or her teacher and slowly over time acquire skills. There is no way around the fact that developing real skills in Tuina does require consistent practice over a relatively long period of time. In order to address this, our course runs on three weekends over the course of three months. This allows the time for the student to practice and to receive corrections. We believe this gives the student the best chance possible to leave the course prepared, to continue, to practice and develop.

In addition to individual “hand techniques” or methods of manipulation, the course covers a whole body sequence that provides both techniques to address the back and spine, the hips and legs, the neck, the shoulders and arms and the abdomen, as well as guiding the student through a model of a comprehensive treatment session.

Fundamental Chinese medicine concepts are covered and for students that have interest, a directed reading program is available through which the student can further develop understanding of Chinese medical theory.

The importance of proper self-cultivation is reinforced through out the course. Exercises taken from our Gongfu programs are used to teach the proper posture and alignments that allow the student to safely and efficiently practice Tuina, while protecting themselves both physically and energetically from injury during practice.

The course is small, the students will have plenty of individual instructions and will be guided in the process of making the techniques work for their individual body type and personality.

After taking this course, students will be able to safely and effectively practice on friends and family and will have a good foundation to develop further if they wish to either become a Tuina therapist or to develop Tuina within their existing practice.