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Sport Medicine

Treating injuries and chronic pain

Our ancestors developed many methods to deal with the injuries that arise when training martial arts. Today we can apply these therapies very effectively to all sorts of sports injuries as well chronic pain and disfunction that comes from old injuries and overuse. Often patients are amazed at the efficacy of these teachniques.

In addition to treating injury after it occurs and pain after it is chronic the methods of chinese physical culture are highly effective in preventing injury and maintaining health. They have after all been tested for centuries.

Therefore the practice of physical culture forms an important part of our medicine. The Huangdi Neijing Suwen says that to treat after the patient is ill is akin to digging a well when you are already thirsty. This sets a very high standard by which we judge ourselves and means that one of our primary goals is to provide patients with the understanding, tools and support they need to maintain health in the long term. Physical culture is an essential ingredient in this.

When done properly exercise is medicine. There is both art and science in medicinal movement and the rules to be followed have been passed down for generations. For general health maintenance it takes only ten to thirty minutes a day. For training and study, more commitment is necessary and we call this gongfu. We believe that chinese gongfu is the most advanced method of physical cultivation available in the world today, modern scientific research is only beginning to catch up.

No matter what illness or injury brings someone to our clinic, outcomes are always better when the patient or client takes the personal responsibility to develop a daily practice of medicinal exercise.