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Our Team


Ethan Murchie

Founder of the Montreal Gongfu Research Center, President of NATSTA, Chief Instructor

Ethan has been practicing taiji, xingyi and bagua for over 30 years, has practiced Chinese Medicine professionally for 23 years and has been a licensed acupuncturist for 20.</p> <p>Ethan was inspired on the path that led him to practice of gongfu and Chinese medicine after suffering a life threatening spontaneous pneumothorax at the age of 14. He underwent a surgical intervention that most likely saved his life but left him debilitated. Searching for methods to regain full health led him first to Chinese gongfu and then to his teacher Vince Black who taught him not only xingyi and bagua but also Chinese osteopathy, acupuncture and herbal medicine.


Jean-François Dupuis


Jean-François began his study of martial arts under Ethan Murchie in February of 2009 and immediately fell in love with the styles and traditions taught at the Montreal Gonfu Research Center. He has since dedicated his time to studying these arts diligently through research here in Montreal and through many study trips with Professor Vince Black, with our Chinese advisors, Liu Shuhang, Li Runxi and Li Cang, and with many of NATSTA’s instructors.


Martin Payette


Martin began studying with Ethan at the Montreal Gongfu Research Center in 2007. He was attracted by the blend of self-defense and health maintenance offered by regular gongfu practice. He was eventually introduced to tuina and with it, the necessity and every student's responsibility to be able to care for their classmates. He is a certified NATSTA instructor and currently teaches xingyiquan and supervises the Liang Zhenpu Baguazhang class at the school.