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Membership and Costs

Qigong & Neigong
$40/month or by donation

This is for people who want to learn the Wang Jiwuu 16 Longevity Exercises in order to enhance the outcome of their treatments at the clinic and to develop habits of physical hygiene that will help to prevent illness in the future. There is no commitment at this level. You are welcome to come and try a qigong class at anytime.


Kungfu for youth aged 13 to 17

This membership is offered to youths aged 13 to 17. They can either choose to join a class aimed at youths that covers a broad spectrum of our material. If you are interested in a single art, it is also possible to join our regular classes. Please contact us for more details.


Jingluo Qigong 12-week Course

$250 for a 12-week course*
*$120 for NATSTA members

This course requires a twelve week commitment and is designed for those interested in deepening their qigong practice while studying the fourteen main channels in Chinese medicine. Visit our Arts page or this article for more information on the course and the practice of this form of qigong.

Write to info@montrealgongfu.com for information on the next course.


Orientation Classes

Because of the ongoing nature of our regular training sessions, it is sometimes necessary for new students to begin their training at the Center with a series of four orientation sessions. This introduces the student to the basic concepts we employ in our teaching and in how we conduct classes as well as introducing them to the art they have chosen.

At the end of the four orientation sessions the student is prepared to join regular training sessions, to profit fully from them with out disrupting other students class time.

If you are interested in our training, please contact us to schedule a visit to the Center. You can observe or participate in a class in session, discuss our programs with an instructor and schedule your orientation sessions or first regular class.

Contact us to discuss about prices and organisation.


Regular Membership

Gives access to all regular classes, including regular Qigong and Neigong, but excluding youth classes, special seminars and events, and fixed-length courses like Jingluo Qigong.

*NATSTA membership is required after the first month of class.


NATSTA (North American Tang Shou Tao) membership
$100/year (annual fee)

At the Montreal Gongfu Research Center, we are part of a gongfu family. The practice and cultivation of gongfu that is available here in Montreal is only possible because we are part of a larger community spread out across the globe. We are guided by Vince Black and by our teachers living in China, and we benefit regularly from interactions with other schools practicing the same method as we do. Because of this, joining the North American Tang Shou Tao Association is required of anyone wishing to study at the Center (the exception being the morning Qigong classes which are offered as a community service), in order to support the work of the Association in making these arts available to us.

NATSTA members receive a biannual newsletter, are welcome to attend events such as the annual national conference in the United States and regional seminars, as well as being eligible to attend special events such as trips to train in China. You also get a t-shirt.