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About the Clinic

The clinic at the Montreal Gongfu Research Center

Our first goal at the Montreal Gongfu Research Center is to remember and to follow tradition. The medicine that we practice has been handed down in the clinic from master to student for generations.

In the modern world there are many new ideas. Perhaps many of them are good ideas. However it is our belief that changing is far easier than remembering and there is no guaranty that changes will be ultimately for the better. New ideas and new techniques must be rigorously examined against the success of our ancestors practice.

The goal of our practice and research of medicine is to improve quality of life and reduce suffering for our patients through the cultivation our personal skills and understanding in the thinking, the methods and the techniques passed to us by our teachers.

Our mission is to promote health, improve quality of life and reduce suffering through the application of clinical techniques proven by generations of our ancestors in Chinese Medicine. To keep the traditions of our ancestors alive. To participate in the transfer of knowledge from the older generation of practitioners to younger by seeking out senior practitioners under whom to study. To explore the possibilities of modern technology and innovation tested in the light of tradition.