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About our Seminars

About our seminars

All of our seminars share a common origin and a common goal. We have been extremely lucky to find our teachers and to be able to study Chinese medicine and Gongfu in a living tradition. The ways classical Chinese medicine teaches us to see the world and the clinical techniques that follow from this have a massive potential to do good in the world. Our teaching activities through regular classes and through seminars are guided by this idea. We hope to introduce more people to the beauty of Chinese medicine and to the utility of these techniques so that more people can enjoy their health and over come injury and disease.


Who can benefit from our seminars


All of what we teach is Chinese medicine, but much of it is material not covered or not covered very deeply in acupuncture college. Practicing acupuncturists will find all of our methods fit easily into an existing practice of acupuncture. Particularly for those acupuncturists interested in the potential of Chinese Osteopathic techniques, our courses offer excellent introduction and foundational training.


Massage Therapists and other manual therapists

Chinese medicine has much to offer in its pragmatic and accurate descriptions of anatomy, physiology, health and illness. Our seminars introduce both fundamental ideas and simple effective techniques applicable to people working in the areas of health maintenance and wellness, injury prevention and recovery.


Lay people

Many techniques of Chinese medicine are not the exclusive domain of medical professionals. Massage, moxa, cupping, external herbal therapies; all can be safely applied at home to improve your loved ones quality of life and prevent serious illness from arising. Further more, an understanding of Chinese medical thought can help manage many common problems and make inform decisions about when to consult a professional and which professional to choose.