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Tuina – Level 2

Dates & Time

September 23 & 24 , 2023

Teacher : Ethan Murchie, Ac.

Where : Montreal Gongfu Research Center, 5773 Chabot street



With the palpation and manipulation skills developed in Tuina – Fondations, the level 2 tuina course will introduce techniques focused on palpation of the craniosacral rhythm and the manipulation of fascia, membranous structures and channel tissue planes.

These physical structures require more refined palpation to feel and manipulate than do the larger muscles, tendons, ligaments and articulations studied in the first course. The study and practice of refined palpation will naturally lead the student towards a realistic understanding of the roles of Yin and Yang, and of qi and blood in body work. The method taught is based on the work of Dr. John Upledger and of Vince Black.


Course Contents and Goals
This training seminar has the following objectives:

  • Understand the anatomy and physiology of the fluid metabolism of the central nervous system.
  • Develop the necessary skill in palpation to perceive this fluid metabolism.
  • Develop the skill and techniques necessary to work on the energetic component of the membranes, the fascial planes and the channel pathways.
  • Develop an appreciation for the interaction between energy and tissues in the channel system.
  • Review the Neijing’s descriptions of the channels and their physiology.
  • Learn qigong practice specific to the development of the energetic and palpatory sensitivity necessary for this level of work.


Target audience
Acupuncturists, massage therapists, general public

Number of participants
Maximum : 12


To participate in this seminar, you must have successfully completed Tuina – Fondations with Ethan Murchie, Ac.


Evaluation and Passing Grade

At the end of the training seminar, participants will receive a written evaluation from the instructor, based on their execution of the techniques during the final exam.

A certificate of achievement will be given to participants who will have been present for at least 80% of the seminar, and who will have received a satisfactory evaluation from the instructor, having demonstrated their understanding of the techniques.


Number of Hours
15 hours


Terms and Conditions
Participants must have reserved their place 21 days prior to the beginning of the seminar.

Participants agree to never share or circulate learning materials obtained during this course. Video recording is prohibited.


Cost and Payment
$495 per person + taxes ($569.13)

To reserve your place, email us at seminaires@montrealgongfu.com. Your registration will be confirmed upon reception of your payment. Any cancellation must be made by writing at seminaires@montrealgongfu.com at the latest 7 days before the seminar for reimbursement.

Payment can be made by Interact transfer online at seminaires@montrealgongfu.com or by cheque (addressed to Ethan Murchie) at this address:


Montreal Gongfu Research Center
att. Seminars
5773 rue Chabot
Montreal, Qc, H2G 2S8


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