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Gongfu Medicine Course – 12 weeks

The Center will be offering a 12-week course this coming winter on the fundamentals of gongfu medicine.

In the first section, students will learn Jingluo Qigong (meridians or channels), which will allow them to understand and situate the channels on the body, as well as to develop proper body postural awareness. The second section will teach students the basic principles of Chinese medicine theory and explain its practical applications. The last section will be an introduction to the Tuina full-body sequence, after which students will be able to apply and understand an assortment of Tuina techniques assembled in  sequences designed to treat the head, neck, shoulders, back and legs.


Classes divided into two parts on Saturdays
from January 12 to February 16, and March 9 to April 13, 2019 (two six-week long sessions)

11 am: Jingluo Qigong
12 pm to 2 pm: Tuina and chinese medicine
500$ for entire course, 150$ for Jingluo Qigong class only

This course will be taught by Émilie Breton, Acupuncturist


Jingluo Qigong

Jingluo Qigong is a series of movements that serves the dual function of maintaining health and of teaching the channel system (meridians). This course will teach the entire form,  allowing students to trace the channels’ trajectory on the body (Lung, Large Intestine, Stomach, Spleen, Heart, Small Intestine, Bladder, Kidney, Pericardium, Triple Burner, Gallbladder, Liver, Renmai, and Dumai). Special attention will be given to certain key acupuncture points and anatomical structures. Classes will include repetition of the form, general explanations, consultation of didactic materials (atlas, diagrams, drawings), and partner exercises.

To know more about Jingluo Qigong, clic here.

*This class can be taken separately from the medicine course.
*11 am to 12:15 pm: first part from January 12 to February 16 / second part from March 9 to April 13.
*150$ (75$ for those who’ve already taken the class, and 10$ for drop-ins).


Li Ding, founder of Jingluo Qigong


Introduction to Jin Shou Tuina Techniques

The Tuina that is practiced at the Center follows a traditional approach to teaching that is intimately linked to the practice of gongfu. Special attention will be given to the practitioner’s capacity to use their body optimally, applying strong and controlled force according to necessity, and appropriately evaluating the needs of the receiver.

  • Techniques (Gunfa, Tuifa, Nafa, Mofa, Anfa, Jifa, etc)
  • Back sequence
  • Posterior leg sequence
  • Head, neck and shoulder sequence
  • Anterior leg sequence
  • Tools: cupping, guasha


Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory

Chinese medicine is an extremely vast and complexe discipline. This course will teach basic principles of Chinese medicine and its clinical applications in the context of Tuina.

  • Yin/Yang
  • 5 elements
  • Zangfu organs
  • 8 principes
  • Body fluid, Qi et Blood
  • External pathogens (cold, wind, heat)
  • Elements of energetic evaluation and their differences


* Course given in French, with English translation as needed.
* To register, write to info@montrealgongfu.com.  Places limited.

Gongfu Montréal

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