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Community acupuncture is back

Since December 1, 2022, Bertrand Loranger, Ac, has been offering patients at the Montreal Gongfu Research Center the opportunity to receive acupuncture care at a lower rate. Its intention above all is to welcome a population that needs regular care due to their demanding professional activities, but who do not benefit from adequate insurance coverage. Anyone whose current challenges exceed their ability to lead a peaceful life are more than welcome in this space.

Community acupuncture is a healing approach unique to acupuncture. The practitioner takes advantage of the fact that a session consists mainly in a relaxation with the needles. It is therefore possible for him to receive up to three people per hour in the clinic space of the Gongfu Center. This model is equivalent to an acupuncture session received in a more expensive or conventional clinical context.

The acupuncturist can find out the underlying cause of your condition using Chinese medicine analysis tools. Whether it is a problem of the digestive system, nervous, pain, menstrual or masculine disorders, Chinese medical thought groups possible imbalances into five spheres of organs that have an influence on the whole. Many interesting connections can be made between the different planes of somatic experience.

The acupuncturist determines the state of the organs and substances by the questionnaire, palpation, taking the pulse and observing the tongue. He then chooses about ten points which are to give impetus to the Qi in the body. The stillness in relaxation becomes a force that motivates more subtle movement within. Relaxation allows the perception of these subtle movements and the appeasement of feelings. Pacifying the feeling is also the greatest factor in integrating unconscious emotional charges. They are the ones that push us to reproduce sometimes self-destructive patterns, or at the very least behaviors that are not in the direction of our greatest good.

To reserve your place, contact our reception by phone at 514.907.4591 or at clinique@montrealgongfu.com.

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