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Guest Instructor : Maija Soderholm (from California)

Random Flow Methodology – Maija Soderholm teaching Sonny Umpad’s escrima at the Montreal Gongfu Research Center

We are happy to announce that Maija Soderholm will be visiting once again the Center for a weekend of training.

We are happy to be hosting Maija for the second time to teach the methods of Sonny Umpad’s escrima. We will be covering the basic concepts of the method, footwork, range finding, baiting and faking. The progression will be good for people new to the ideas as well as more experienced players. We will be playing with knives, longer blades and canes.

There are many valuable skills to be learned in this study but as always when playing with the “sword dance” it is also going to be a lot of fun.


September 1st and 2nd, 2018
9 am to 5 pm

Montreal Gongfu Research Center, 5773 Chabot street

$195,00 + taxes
(total of $224,20)




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